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Do you intend to declare war for the pre-Christmas cleaning this year? You have decided to enjoy Christmas on your own and you will not be subject to the pressure of the surroundings, what should and what is decent? This is definitely the right decision. We ought to enjoy Christmas and not become their slaves. Give the idea that you will spend the last weekend of the Christmas Eve cleaning. Go to nature and enjoy yourself. Private accommodation is primarily provided by chalets and cottages.

Ways to relax
If you decide to go on chalets and cottages, you will appreciate in particular the maximum privacy and freedom you can never have in the hotel. Do you want to have breakfast at noon? Let's eat! Do not limit your time from eight hours to 10 when breakfast is served. Do you want to have a breakfast in your pajamas? Let's eat! You don't have to dress socially on your way to the dining room. Enjoy the utmost comfort and return rested. Even in the evening you do not have to take into account neighbors who do not like loud music, your children will not reap the chastising views of the co-chair. Take the weekend in your direction.