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Stretching Benefits for Growing Muscles

When you have plans of gaining muscles, stretching would be something that a lot of people not thought about. However, stretching actually plays a crucial role for muscle building.

Each muscle in our body is actually enclosed with tough connective tissues that are known as fascia. Fascia is an essential thing in holding our muscles in place in our body.

However, there’s a good chance that our fascia is holding back the growth of our muscles. Think about training and feeding your muscles where it then wish to grow, but something is holding this back. They usually end up not having enough room to grow.

Due to the fact that fascia is tough, it simply will not allow muscles to expand. Think about stuffing a big pillow to a smaller pillow case. The muscle in such a case will simply not change or grow, regardless of how you train hard or take care of the muscles because the connective tissue does not permit it to grow.

Our lower leg is riddled with fascia due to the reason where there’s a tremendous weight-bearing duties in our body. Because of fascia, there are many trainers who end up having difficulties to develop their calves.

The ideal solution for such problem is through stretching. Remember the example of the pillow case, imagine where you can actually expand this more by stretching it. This gives the pillow inside more room to expand and for it to fill in the new space. When you are going to stretch your muscles on certain conditions, you can stretch your fascia and this is going to give the muscles some room for growth.

One of the most effective fascial stretching is the pump. The best time to actually stretch on expanding the bags holding the muscle in place is when the muscles are being pumped full of blood.

When the muscles are pumped fully, it presses against the fascia. If you are going to stretch hard during those times, you will help to increase the pressure on the fascia that later on would lead to the expansion of fascia.

Fascia stretching is actually more rigorous compared to the regular stretching methods and the results are truly amazing. When stretching hard, it will cause the fascia in expanding more and you will definitely feel this. When you are stretching your fascia, you are going to feel a powerful pulling sensation as well as pressure the fact that the muscle works against the fascia to expand this.

You should always remember that you avoid stretching your muscles really hard because it could tear it or will cause injury to yourself.

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