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Devices in an organization that are used to perform business activities can be interconnected together so that they can perform under one network this is known as networking. This interconnection can be wireless or it can be directed ,devices in a network can easily access other devices in that network.

For a network to be established no matter the size of the organization there should be two or more devices and a transmission media. Interconnection of devices can be wireless this means that they have been connected by non physical means but by the use of waves also they can be connected using physical means this involves use of cables to connect one device to the other these cables include fiber optics, twisted wire , coaxial cable among others. Management of information in an organization has been made possible by networking this is because all the information regarding an organization is stored under the same database.

Network in a business comes along with many advantages to start with is that data and information of a business can only be accessed by people in this network hence secure from leaking into wrong hands. Data can easily be shared between different users and can be accessed remotely using connected devices, resources can be shared hence it is economical to a business since they cab buy one device that is going to be used by all the people in the network an example printers, scanners and even software.

In health industry networking has brought a relieve to everyone it has help reduce paperwork hence reduction in operation cost. They sell devices for the health industry this helps in easy performance that regulate sharing of information in the organization.

There is an organization that deal with medical devices they ensure that they are interconnected an example when a patient goes for x-ray the device can send the results directly to the doctor who will prescribe the drug and forward this to the pharmacist. They create this network by uniquely identifying the devices to be used hence they can share information simply. multifunctional solution which include data collection and validation , dual validation based on up to date in accordance to business rules are other functions of these devices.

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