Mácha Lake Chalets

Planning a summer holiday can sometimes be a big problem. Especially when you can't agree with your partner. Then take advantage of our offer that will enchit you. Mácha's Lake Cottage is a beautiful area in the Czech countryside, where you will find everything you need on the right holiday. Summer holidays should be a […]

For a place to your needs, food, dishes – practical racks

Do you have any advice on how to store your goods efficiently in bulk warehouses? Are you going over what would be the most affordable but really good quality? We offer you answers to these questions! The best solution for your premises are racks that can accommodate a large number of products and are able […]

To make your children sleep well

Open our site with a high-quality assortment of children's beds. The selection is prepared only with guaranteed professional manufacturers, designs and execution of children's sleeping is for the home specialists creative work and for you then a fun purchase and creative common ideas with your children. Co-create with your children It has benefits for the […]

Long Hair for short!

Our company has been operating on the market for over 25 years. Our products are of high quality and our customers are always happy to return to us. Their satisfaction is a top priority for us. We are the only company that specializes in production to order in the Czech Republic. Our customers choose themselves […]

Need to replace Windows?

You own a property, you need to swap windows, but you have a problem with the Conservarians? The wooden windows, which boast older objects, have their own unmistakable charm. It is clear that in the historical quarters or in the monument zones the Conservarians strive to avoid disturbing the surrounding character. The solution is therefore […]

The advertisement will help the photo

We offer free advertising on our server. You can offer or buy virtually anything you think of. Do not hesitate to book an advertisement with your goods or services, or buy or search for what you need. Free classifieds are free for anyone who chooses to advertise or to make their business visible or to […]

Enjoy the beauties of nature around

If you want to have a winter garden at home, it is necessary to choose a beautiful place and a world side, where you will be comfortable to serve. We can provide you with a perfect advice and help, what places are the best and so you can enjoy them in nature and the beauty […]

We perform mechanical cleaning with a spiral

We'll be glad to take care of your piping. Just reach out and agree with us. We have a fully trained professional staff who perfectly understands their work. It can handle both clean and repair. However, it must be checked beforehand. Our waste review must form an integral part of it. We will be glad […]