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Types of Products Offered by Ananda Hemp
Ananda Hemp is part of the Eco fiber Ltd., which is based in Australia but deals with seeds only after they have been imported to the U.S., after which they are processed to produce CBD oils, but are taken to testing labs for quality, contamination and potency testing for at least three times before they are sold to consumers in four product varieties namely pet oil , capsules, CBD tinctures and topicals with approved richness in essential oils, amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, as it has been discussed below but it also offer services in branded apparel.
The first product is the CBD Tinctures that come in three full-spectrum tinctures and a broad spectrum that has no amount of THC, where the full spectrum tinctures come in 2000 mg, 600 mg, and 300 mg strength that have 40 mg, 20 mg, and 10 mg of cannabinoids each, respectively, while on the other hand other than these products with some THC concentration, Amanda Hemp makes sure that it considers the needs of the people that want to get the therapeutic effects, yet they do not want to take in the THC chemical by producing the 600 mg type of tincture that has 0% concentration of THC.
The second product is the CBD capsule which, unlike the tinctures, which are natural and with no flavor, the causeless are not meant to maintain the original taste of hemp and are designed for the people who just want to take CBD while taking their vitamins, hence the availability of the variety of soft gels where they come in two sizes of 60 count and 30 count that contain 15 mg of CBD that has gelatin and organic hemp seed oil that is recommended for a two times daily dose alongside with water.
The third product is the CBD oil for pets, which is available is full spectrum of 300 mg CBD tinctures for both cats and dogs, with bacon formulation flavoring approved by a vegetarian so as to ensure that the pet enjoys and may have addition of coconut oil, which is beneficial because it assist in skin health, good digestion, and coat health, with the dosage being available at the Amanda Hemp website with administration being done directly or by mixture with food.
The last type is the CBD topicals, which come in full spectrum of 125 mg of cannabinoid meant to relieve pain and soothe the skin alongside other ingredients including cocoa butter, beeswax, eucalyptus, and methanol and is applied on top of the affected area of the skin as a tiny dab, which can also be applied to wounds.

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