Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews

home laser hair removal device

The exact cost of doing laser hair removal is difficult to obtain. This is for the reason that every individual has its own pattern of hair growth. The number of treatments required to totally get rid of your hair problem is also difficult to predict. There is a safe approach to this and that is to set up a discussion with your physician in order to better understand your case and thus, the price.

Laser hair removal cost will also differ from region to region depending on where your doctor is. If he is practicing in an urban area, expect that the cost is more expensive than that in the rural area. It is for the reason that the higher the cost of living in that area, the more costly is the treatment. Another approach to this is to obtain a phone call with your preferred doctor and ask him personally the cost of the treatment. In this way, you will be aware of your case and your doctor’s rate.

Numerous institutions that provide this type of treatment may offer a free consultation fee. Some may include the fee in the first session. Just ask. Several will also offer a package deal for all the sessions at a particular discount. Just approach the information desk. Your exact price might be quoted after your consultation.

The size of the area being treated is also a factor to consider. In this case, a single treatment may range from less than $100 to several hundred dollars. As an illustration, a hair removal on a woman’s upper lip may be less than $100 per treatment, while a man’s back will be considerably greater than $100.

Some patients require at least three hair removal treatments and that would last for several months. Others may be greater than three, depending on the case. Some will find the treatment’s permanent effects and reduced hair growth more than the cost.

It can be costly but the good news is there are home laser products that you can try at home. You can check out this link for more information.

Air Jordan XX8 SE Review


Air Jordan XX8 SE may not be as great looking as the original XX8. But it sure does offer excellent qualities that are enclosed within its framework.

Generally, this model of Nike Air Jordan is the updated version of the XX8. It has refurbished framework. But it does not have the Scholler mesh sleeve that shows up when you zip up. When you zip it down, you will not find any sleeve that covers the entire heel.

The traction of this model is the same as its predecessor. Thus, you can still find the multi-directional spiral effect found at the heel and forefoot. This is good news because such effect can provide excellent resistance against the surface. Since it is made of rubber, you can truly say that it is durable and you can wear them on any type of surface.

This SE model has elevated sleeve, padding and tongue offering you a more cushioned feel around the ankle. With above average responsive feel, there is no break-in time for this. This means that you will not experience discomfort during your first time wearing this model.

Durability is excellent, although it is not the same as the original XX8. It is just as durable as the original but only cheaper.


  • With increased padding, sleeve and tongue
  • Comes with reinforced toe
  • Improved look and feel
  • Made with Dynamic Fit
  • Built with multi-directional traction pattern


  • Is durable yet cheaper than the original
  • Offers excellent cushioning or responsiveness
  • Provides durable materials making this sneaker a dependable product
  • Has Dynamic Fit System that snug fit when it is tied firmly
  • Offers more breathability


  • It can be inflexible around the arch and the heel areas.
  • There is no shroud present in SE.



Air Jordan XX8 SE is the “sequel” of XX8, which already offers superb performance as a basketball shoe. In terms of transition, SE still offers the same excellent performance as the original. Although it is as durable as the original, it comes with a cheaper price tag, which is great for those who do not want to spend $250 for a sneaker.

It uses less materials but it is still durable. The designer of this model simply enhances the cushioning of this sneaker for an affordable price. It is more breathable. The comfort level is still there.

Overall, this is a commendable sneaker of Air Jordan.